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Torimori is located on the Henry House in Causeway Bay. The origin of the shop name is because the restaurant specializes in skewered chicken, and the name of the restaurant means the free-roaming chicken in the forest. In Japan, chicken meat, chicken offal and other birds are cut into bite-sized pieces, skewered and grilled over charcoal. The Japanese word for skewered chicken is

"焼き鳥", and the shape of the Chinese character is also like chicken feet, hence the name.

chicken 2.png

Chicken Testicles

Chicken's Comb

Chicken Hamstring

Chicken Palm

Chicken Breast Cartilage

Chicken Intestines

Chicken Heart Blood Vessel

Chicken Oviduct


The decoration is a Japanese-style skewer restaurant with black as the main tone. It mainly focuses on different parts of chicken skewers, some of which are limited editions, and also serves beef and pork skewers, and Japanese sake will add more flavor. Its characteristic is that you can enjoy the exquisite firing process of the master at the bar position. It is a restaurant that can simultaneously enjoy the dual enjoyment of vision and taste.


You may order every chicken you want, or leaves it up to the chef to select and serve seasonal specialties. The ingredients are specially made from Japanese chicken, and the current seasonal parts are selected to cook dishes, so that customers can taste the freshest and high-quality taste. The production method mainly uses red charcoal, and will switch to a Japanese charcoal stove with better fire effect as a lining to make the charcoal aroma of the ingredients more intense and delicious.


Minced Chicken ball with raw egg


Chicken Oviduct (Limited Supply)


In addition to allowing guests to taste the seasonal chicken pieces, it is a restaurant that can simultaneously enjoy both visual and taste. In terms of decoration, Torimori is complemented with wooden tables, red chairs, dim yellow lights, sake bottles and Japanese hanging cloths as decorative embellishments. The overall design is full of Japanese style. Coupled with the street view outside the large glass, the environment is comfortable and relaxing.