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A Japanese Izakaya style restaurant serving a wide variety of grilled skewers mainly in chicken with the rustic atmosphere of a traditional Japanese bar by having counter seats set around an open hearth. Our sashimi is also superb and freshly imported from Japan daily. Choice cuts of meat from all over the world are served along with seafood, Japanese beef and ox tongue prepared in the most delicious way.


Pork Neck 

Beef Fillet with Minced Onion


With Japanese-style skewered cuisine as the signature dish, it offers different types of skewers with different wines and non-alcoholic beverages. The diversified skewers satisfy the diners needs, from seasonal seafood, meat to fresh vegetables. Among them, the most attractive is definitely all kinds of chicken skewers, which are purchased fresh everyday, and qualified chicken is selected by the master chef, the freshness is guaranteed, to ensure the quality of the food. The restaurant also offers different rare ingredients, which are unique in the market. Such as salt-boiled chicken combs and so on.

The decoration is mainly made of dark wood products, so that the stressful urbanites in daily life can relieve the tense mood of the day after get off work, and it is a good place for gatherings with colleagues and friends.

Chicken with Plum sauce

Chicken with Wasabi sauce

Chicken with Truffle sauce

Chicken with Sesame sauce

Chicken with Crab roe salad sauce

Chicken with Mustard sauce