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Kani Kei is a Japanese crab specialist restaurant. We provide

a variety of in-season crabs imported from Japan such as Hairy Crab, Snow Crab and King Crab. Our Japanese restaurant consultant, Mr. Kei San is a famous food columnist. He regularly sources new products from Japan and innovates new cooking methods for our guests’ gastronomic pleasure. We offer crab sets features crab dishes in appetizer, sashimi, hot dish, grilled, deep fried, rice, soup, pickles and dessert. Or you may choose the live crab from the fish tank on the premise and let our chef prepare the different parts of the crab in a your preferred ways or chef recommended.


Kani Kei specialises in a variety of crab-based dishes, mainly using the three major types of crab found in Japan: the king crab, snow crab, and hairy crab. Kani Kei’s set meal list offers a wide variety of crab dishes, from light to strong tasting, for you to choose from. The restaurant also has a rare self-service sake machine, which makes pairing your food choice with the right sake more convenient. There is a range of seating options: you can choose horigotatsu, bar, or standard dining table seats according to your preference.