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OTETSU selects the very best ingredients ranging from seasonal catches to Kumamoto A5 Wagyu and Iberico Pork, showcasing fresh flavours at the forefront of the menu. 


We execute creations with carefully selected ingredients accompanied by his original sauces or sides. Some of his sauces are blended with seasonal harvests, leveraging not only freshness but also vibrancy, exceeding diners’ visual and sensational expectations.

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Beautifully marbled and remarkably juicy, the Iberico Pork is cut into thick slices after browning by its own oil, forming a crunchy texture on the surface. The loin is then smoked with cherry wood, cultivating its unique flavors with a long- lasting aftertaste. Last but not least, our chef creatively combines western condiments, meat smoking techniques and molecular gastronomy elements into each dish.

Iberico Pork Loin smoked with cherry wood