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Sky Big Group Holdings Limited operates a range of Japanese restaurants and provides a wide selection of Sakes to restaurants, supermarkets and sake resellers. With the opening of Tori Izakaya in October 2014, the business was warmly welcomed and so paved the way to the opening of a series of different themed Japanese restaurants. Sky Big Group Holdings Limited was established in the year of 2017 to co-ordinate and oversee the daily operation of the restaurants business.
Realizing the potential of providing genuine and special sakes to the Hong Kong public, Shu Gen Washuya Limited was founded in March 2017.
Being an upbeat and proactive company, we strive to excel by broadening our product range. We join exhibits and routinely source products both locally and abroad. Wine tasting events are being held occasionally at our group of restaurants and other establishments.


To provide a wide range of exquisite food experience to the adventurous palate of the Hong Kong people, at the same time sharing and spreading the great Japanese food culture.


With a group of restaurants specializing in different themes, we aim to provide a diversified food experience to boost our competitiveness. We commit to develop Quality, Hygiene and Food Safety to maintain the highest reliability standard for our customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind. With our eyes on providing the best customer service and food experience in both family oriented and intimate atmosphere, we will continue to grow and expand, with the target of having our group of restaurants opened in every district to serve our growing number of customers. We strive to strengthen our management team, broaden our line of business and become one of the leaders in HK’s food & beverage industry.

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