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The name Mokumoku means cloud-like smoke in Japanese, while Yakiton refers to pork skewers cooked in miso yaki and simmered in a salt sauce. The restaurant focuses on pork, and offers various pork cuts for you to choose from. Among them, the Spanish Iberico pork is the gourmet ingredient , and it is also the most popular in the restaurant.

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Pork with Melty Egg Roll

Pork Brain Roll

Caul Fat is a layer of reticular fat between the stomach and diaphragm of pigs. Back then, Caul fat is extremely popular as a good partner to enhance the dish with its unique aroma. Yet, the complicated processing makes it rare. The chef will first cook the pig brain with sake, then wrap it in caul fat and grill. The well-controlled fire will make the brain tender and juicy.  Served with soy sauce, fried garlic slices, sakura shrimp, and green onions, delicious!


The restaurant food is very diverse, other meats such as chicken and beef are also available.

We will inform and educate the our customers to learn about pork while enjoying drinks and good food. It feels like being in a local izakaya in Japan.

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Awards: OpenRice Best Japanese Restaurant ; 2017 Best-Ever Dining Awards by New Holiday Dining Feature 2015 & 2017 ; Ctrip Gourmet List 2018 ; Must Go Restaurant 2017 and Customer Review Awards 2018 by

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Pork with Kujo Negi leek Roll

Pork with Asparagus Roll

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