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Hamayaki is the practice of catching seafood by the seashore and grilling it over a fire straight away. The key element is the freshness of the ingredients – all you need is fresh seafood with simple seasoning. The simple flavour of seawater from the seafood creates a perfect harmony with that of prolonged charcoal grilling – leading to that uniquely delicious taste. The seafood is shipped to Hong Kong by air from Japan, while the chef personally selects seasonal seafood, and adjusts the heat and ingredients based on his years of hamayaki expertise. Experience the original hamayaki taste for yourself!

The restaurant is equipped with fishing ponds, large fishing flags, fishing gear, fishing nets, and wind lanterns. In addition, there are also stoves and grilling nets on the dining table, allowing you to grill a variety of fresh fish, accompanied by a variety of special sake sauces. It feels like being in a fishing port and enjoying fish delicacies. If you are not good at  grilling skills, Tore Tore Hamayaki can arrange for the chef  to serve you.

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Awards: OpenRice Best Japanese Restaurant ; 2017 Best-Ever Dining Awards by New Holiday Dining Feature 2015 & 2017 ; Ctrip Gourmet List 2018 ; Must Go Restaurant 2017 and Customer Review Awards 2018 by


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